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Uniroyal Biotech is a growing PCD Pharma company in India and is committed to increase access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing and marketing affordable pharmaceutical products. We have a very well designed PCD Pharma program to provide PCD franchise to our customers. The company focuses on providing high quality, affordably priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated customer service


We are working for the complete development of drugs right from Research and Development  to their launch in the market. Our business model is segregated into four areas which are Research& Development, PCD Pharma Franchise business, Third Party manufacturing and Loan Licensing. This is all done with innovative technologies along with the hard work and efforts of our staff and experts, most of them are highly trained and possess a bachelor, Masters or Ph.D.


Everyday we are moving towards improving the healthcare and medicines for better life. Through our medicine range, we want to create better and more possibilities for people. Our business partners get the best support from our end to expand their business and to generate profit. We focus on building long-term sustainable relationships with our partners for great growth in the pharmaceutical industry together.


Business Ethics are of prime importance to our business. These moral rules govern the operation of our business & how are decision are made. Our Ethics followed are:-

⋆ Following Organisational Standards
⋆ Transparency in trading condition
⋆ Tax Payments
⋆ Timely and Fair Compensation to Employees
⋆ Fair Pricing
⋆ Social Responsibility
⋆ Integrity, Dedication and Passion

Client Satisfaction

The Prime focus of our firm has been to provide immense satisfaction to all our clients in an efficient manner.

Our main aim is to serve best quality and high standard medicines to enhance a healthy lifestyle.